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RE: Hawea/Wanaka Substitute land (SILNA) potential successors list

You may be aware the Māori Land Court are currently working towards updating the list of potential successors for the Hawea/Wanaka Substitute land (being section 2 of 5 Block XIV, Lower Wanaka SD) – (SILNA) Block.


Many of the potential successors currently on the list are deceased – if your tipuna is on that list, you need to succeed to them. The Court is looking to hold a meeting of potential successors (hopefully this year) so you need to succeed in order to participate!


To succeed to SILNA lands you need to file a special succession application to the Court. These applications are simpler than succeeding to other Māori land interests, all you need is 1) the death certificate for the potential successor, and 2) their whakapapa information – it’s that easy!


Please note, we will not be taking new clients specifically for SILNA applications – but are happy to assist with initial enquiries. If you send an email to with the name/s of the tipuna and their children, we can confirm whether they are on the list and if so, provide you with a SILNA application form.


Alternatively, you can go direct to the Māori Land Court at and enquire with them.

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